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Project Description
cl-aima Source code for Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach
albert Documents Common Lisp programs in DocBook format
cl-ansi-tests Conformance tests for ANSI Common Lisp
arnesi small Common Lisp utilities
cl-asdf Another System Definition Facility
cl-aspectl aspect orientation
cl-binary-types Common Lisp package for reading and writing binary files
cl-blowfish Common Lisp Blowfish encryption
cedilla best-effort unicode text printer
cl-cil Chess In Lisp
clg GTK+ 2.x bindings
cl-closer-mop Cross Implementation AMOP library
cl-clue Lisp package for clue/clio/pictures: X interfaces for lisp
cmucl CMUCL lisp compiler and development system
common-lisp-controller Common Lisp source and compiler manager
cl-csv Common Lisp utility to import CSV text files
cl-defsystem3 Make system for Common Lisp Packages
dh-lisp Debhelper module to automatically register Lisp source
cl-environment Object-Oriented Environment Encapsulation for Common Lis ...
cl-f2cl convert Fortran 77 source code to Common Lisp
cl-fad portable pathname library
cl-faq Common Lisp-related FAQs
fiveam simple regression testing framework
cl-gd GD Interface Library
cl-geodesics Geodesic equations
cl-grt Raytracer
cl-html-template HTML Template processor
hyperspec ANSI-standard Hyperspec
clid Common Lisp in Debian Manual
cl-infix an infix reader macro
cl-inflate decompress a gzip, jar, and winzip file
cl-integrate library for integrating differential equations
cl-interpol String Interpolation Library
cl-irc Internet Relay Chat Library
ironclad Cryptography package for ANSI Common Lisp
cl-iterate Iterate macro for Common Lisp
cl-jpeg JPEG library
lazy-sbcl lazy-sbcl
libapache2-mod-lisp An Apache module that interfaces with Lisp environments
cl-lw-compat LispWorks Compatibility Library
cl-md5 MD5 Message Digests
cl-memoization adds memoization support to CMU-CL
cl-menusystem Menu System
cl-meta A Parser library
cl-metering portable metering and profiling utility
cl-net-telent-date utilities for printing and parsing dates
cl-net-telent-date2 utilities for printing and parsing dates
onlisp onlisp
cl-paip Source code for Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Pro ...
parenscript JavaScript embedded in a Common Lisp host
cl-pdf create PDF files
cl-pg provides a socket level postgresql interface
cl-plus extensions for building some Debian CL packages
cl-png read and write PNG image file
cl-port Common Lisp Object Collections Port Package
cl-portable-aserve cl-portable-aserve
cl-postoffice SMTP, POP, & IMAP interface library
cl-ppcre Portable Regular Express Library
cl-ptester Test suite
qbook create HTML/LaTeX versions of Common Lisp source code
cl-quick-arrays less flexible, but faster arrays
cl-readline interface to the GNU readline library
rfc2388 an implementation of RFC 2388 in Common Lisp
cl-rsm-bool-comp Boolean Function Comparison
cl-rsm-cache Cache Library
cl-rsm-delayed Delayed List Library
cl-rsm-filter Filter Library
cl-rsm-finance Finance Library
cl-rsm-fuzzy Fuzzy Logic Library
cl-rsm-genetic-alg Genetic Algorithm Library
cl-rsm-gen-prog Genetic Programming Library
cl-rsm-memo Memoization Library
cl-rsm-mod Modular Arithmetic Library
cl-rsm-mpoly Multivariate Polynomial Library
cl-rsm-queue Queue Library
cl-rsm-rand Discrete Random Number Library
cl-rsm-rsa RSA Library
cl-rsm-string String Library
cl-rss RSS processor
cl-rt regression tester from MIT
cl-salza package to write compressed data
sbcl A development environment for Common Lisp
cl-screamer non-determinate programming
cl-screen-sbcl SLang interface
cl-scribble scribe-like reader
cl-series extension for general iterations
slime Superior LISP Interaction Mode for Emacs
cl-split-sequence package split a sequence of objects
cl-ssl interface to OpenSSL package
cl-statistics Statistics
stumpwm A window manager written entirely in Common Lisp
s-xml simple Common Lisp XML parser
cl-syslog syslog interface
tbnl A toolkit for building dynamic websites with Common Lisp
cltl Common Lisp the Language, second edition
trivial-sockets a Common Lisp socket interface
cl-ubf Universal Binary Format
cl-unit regression suite library
cl-units units conversions
url-rewrite Common Lisp package for rewriting URLs in (X)HTML documents
cl-utilities common functions
cl-who HTML generator
cl-xmls XML Simple Parser
xml-to-sexp Program to convert XML to into Lisp S-Exp
cl-yacc LALR(1) parser generator for Common Lisp
yaclml Yet Another Common Lisp Markup Language